Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Blessings...

TRUTH HAIR has a new release called 'Ginger' hair, this hair can be found in-world 'here'.  There are several options in this hair pack, one with bangs and one without - also, a parted version as well.   To one side is a soft pulled back with several clips, and gently flows down over the shoulders and back. 

The Avenue started on the 1st of December and finishes on the 26th of December. - pop on over and see the many creations from designers around the grid.  The below items can be found at The Avenue this round....

Nailed it have two colour sets available, I have featured the 'Pastels' - I really loved how simple applying nail polish is, regardless of what body or mesh hands you use.  A simple click of the hud to pick your body/hands and then the colour.  These nail polishes are suitable for the Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and Omega Systems, and includes 12 colours in the hud.

Raindale has the sweetest necklace, with a colour hud to change gem, metal and chains.  Gem colours include green, white, red, blue and black.  Metal and Chain, bronze, light gold, dark gold, black and silver.  Resize easily by touch, and looks gorgeous on.  This is an exclusive item to the event and is available in 'no copy' only.  

GIULIADESIGN has a beautiful 'Corset Dress', suitable for the standard avatar, Slink, and Maitreya.  There is a colour hud including yelllow, green, light red, dark red, blue and black.  Dress includes diamond attachments, which are not featured.  Very pretty with the bow that ties around the waist .....

TRUTH HAIR Ginger -  Variety * New Release in-store
Nailed It - All in One - Pastels Set @ The Avenue
Raindale ~ Durwyn pendant @ The Avenue
GIULIADESIGN - Corset Gown @ The Avenue
Astralia - Cute heart ribbon (red)
13.erratic / lsm - long stemmed rose - red (gacha)
Glam Affair - Giusy Applier - Lipstick 07 @ Collabor88
Glam Affair - Giusy - Catwa Mesh Head Applier - Asia @ Collabor88
IKON Charm Eyes - Glass
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

..::SAMURAI::.. Jeffrey Mesh Head 1.0 Nude
[Deadwool] Peak suit (royal) - jacket  & Trousers
Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body
Slink Mesh Hands - Relaxed
n-creation lips cross piercing
[-iPoke-] DefTone
IKON Triumph Eyes (right) - Loam
.02 [ kunst ] - Stinger watch RARE (gacha)
*Dura-Boy*53(Dark Brown)

AF Christmas Tree RARE (gacha)
Thistle Christmas Topiary - Silver & Grey 1 @ Fameshed
Studio Skye - Parisian Apartment SkyeBox 
Calico Cat Sitting - Mesh

{QP} - Playful Couple Poses @ The Avenue

Sunday, 4 December 2016

102 Dalmatians...

Aphrodite has released the 'Royal Holidays Dinning Room Setting' at the Tres Chic Venue - fully decorated table, and chairs, included place settings, cutlery, Wine Glasses, Decorations, Wine Decanters, Table Cloth.  There is also the 'Chandelier' to match also available, which has a switch for on and off lighting.

 Heart Homes has the 'Luxury Regency' Christmas Tree available in Family, and PG versions, and there is also a Decor version as well.  The family and PG versions hold a selection of various poses in each - they are all gorgeous poses.

...and The Arcade is on for the December round, as always with some adorable items.  I've featured the Mutresee Dalmatian set below, along with various other Christmas items from ...tarte, Mon Cheri, MutreseeKalopsia, Remarkable Oblivion

Aphrodite Royal Holidays dining room set @ Tres Chic Venue
Aphrodite Royal holidays Chandellier @ Tres Chic Venue
Heart Homes "Luxury Regency" Christmas tree DECO 
Fruit_Crate_Ambient (gift to me made by someone special)
Mutresee - Dalmation Puppies (gacha - complete set) @ The Arcade
!! Follow US !! Santa Claus and bag 
#12 MC.Holidays / Christmas Star / Red  (gacha) @ The Arcade
#11 MC.Holidays / Christmas Star / White (gacha) @ The Arcade
#9 & #6 MC.Holidays / Nisse Greta & Hans / White (gacha) @ The Arcade
#7 MC.Holidays / Nisse Greta / Red RARE (gacha) @ The Arcade
#8 & #5 MC.Holidays / Nisse Greta & Hans / Brown (gacha) @ The Arcade
8. MudHoney Sock Snowman Chip (gacha)
MudHoney Log Box (gacha)
e-brink - Rudolf Reindeer 
Kalopsia - Gabriel's Dresser (gacha) @ The Arcade
Kalopsia - Gabriel's Rug (gacha) @ The Arcade
Kalopsia - Gabriel's Frames (gacha) @ The Arcade
DRD deer decoration - ( gift )
Trompe Loeil - Wall Stars (gacha)
RO - Home for the Holidays - Patterned Chair (gacha) @ The Arcade
RO - Home for the Holidays - Banner (gacha) @ The Arcade
RO - Home for the Holidays - Festive Swag (gacha) @ The Arcade
Second Spaces - snow day string lights - light
floorplan. happy holidays frame
R(S)W Christmas Card Row
PATRON  2012 Mantle Wreath Red Edition
.S&S. Holiday Pals - 'Nori' The Kitten (gacha)
*MishMish* Hammie & Stocking
A.V. Alpes Green Gnome (gacha)
Skye Studio - Parisian Apartment SkyeBox 
tarte. tiny tree (brass) (gacha) @ The Arcade

!gO! Christmas Elf girl

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Lake Cabin...

DaD DESIGN is at Fameshed which opened today, and runs through till the 27th of December with a gorgeous family home called 'The Lake Cabin'.  This home features an amazing and spacious entrance, that also includes a feature of a double stair case. Please see additional vendor image below for the interior.  There is a large living area, and to the left a family room with a room for a possible kitchen, or laundry, as well as a large balcony.  To the right, there is the master bedroom, that has its own private balcony, and bathroom.  The upstairs, includes 2 attic bedrooms and a bathroom.   The home consists of beautiful large windows, to take in views - all windows can be opened and closed, and adjusted to various of levels for realism. Also, the interior walls of the home can all be customised colour wise, via the wall panel buttons which are scattered throughout the house.  The footage measures 27.9 X 27.6, with a land impact of 214.  The textures are all beautiful, and realistic, and certainly is a fabulous design and layout.  

The Little Branch are also at Fameshed this round with the RiverWood Tree's, with delicate foliage and the 4 seasons menu in touch.  Also, there is a great group gift on offer, which you can see in the vendor image below of the LB Christmas Tree, for group members. 

DaD DESIGN "The Lake Cabin"  @ Fameshed
LB_RiverWood{4Seasons} @ Fameshed
LB_BirdFlower_v1{With Flowers Menu}
[we're CLOSED] grass field green 01 - random
{yumyum} Vine's (green)
uK - Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket Empty
uK - Spring Cleaning Clothes Line Green
uk - Mossy Garden Walls Set 
estatica Musgrove Straight Bench 
Botanical - Fallen Leaves - Pile Large
{what next} Spring Garden Bird Bath (gacha)
{what next} Spring Garden Birdhouse (gacha)
{what next} Lucia  Potted Olive Tree
{what next} Marlow Bench
Storax Tree - Wall Vine Sq Tall Planter Left Ee
Storax Tree - Terracotta Tower of Plants Ae
Nekka's - 1 prim pathwalk rock small
JIAN :: Raccoon Static 
Apple Fall Old Church Gate
Apple Fall Flagstones
Di'Cor Cuddle Wagon Brown 
Heart - OAK - Mature - Summer

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

I'm still full of dreams...

-even in Winter-

The Forest opened on the 21st of November and Wasabi Pills has the 'Aspen' hair available.  This hair is a quaint short style, with wispy tendrils that fall about the face and down over the scarf which is also part of the hair.   The hair comes with a colour hud for the scarf and hair clips, with a huge variety of colour choices. 

You can read how The Forest works by visiting their website 'here'. 

/Wasabi Pills/ Aspen Mesh Hair - Basics @ The Forest
Catwa - Destiny Mesh Head
Glam Affair - Barbara Applier ( Catwa  ) Asia 03 RARE @ Kustom 9
IKON Charm Eyes - Apex
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
Blueberry - Radiance Jacket - Xtra 1

Apple Fall Orsett Wall Lantern
Apple Fall Hardwick Manor
PANAVIA - Conifer Tree "Picea" Winter @ Cosmopolitan
Botanical - Boxwood Bush v2 I (Cone 1x1x2)
Botanical - Fallen Leaves - Straight Double Length
Trompe Loeil - Wintertime Snow Drift scattered
::KKs:: Lace straight curtains - White 4
StoraxTree - Feline Autumn Meeting A15
+Half-Deer+ Snow Tracks - Shoeprints 

Le Poppycock *La Paix* Clarity 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Wishing Well...

Hello Tuesday for the 29th of November, has Verocity with the 'Marion Pose' set - includes 6 poses, each with mirrors, certainly gorgeous poses!!  Featured is #1.

... and the current round of Cosmopolitan (21st of Nov, through till the 3rd of Dec) has so many amazing items, below I have featured several....

*Birth* has the beautiful 3rd Gen 'Willow' Catwa Lipsticks, in the most prettiest colour pallet - there are two versions of each colour, the sharp border and the soft border.   I have adjusted the tint using the catwa hud, to make lighter for my image.  A stunning lipstick, definitely one you're able to wear with other skins, they fit perfectly.

PetroFF has the most delicate and dainty 'Earrings' and 'Armlet' ... I have enclosed the vendor add for the earrings as hair covers their lovely detail.  The armlet is stunning, easy to fit, and can be resized easily.  Both, have amazing detail, so utterly pretty! 

Asteria has a stunning outfit called 'Bubba' - available in 4 gorgeous colours - Black, Red, Soft (pale pink) and Ivory (featured), suitable for the Belleza Freya, Isis and Venus, and Maitreya Lara mesh bodies.  There is the 'bustier' is plain with sweet little buckles, the 'shorts' and  necklace have the most sweetest roses over them - certainly eye catching and ever so beautiful. 

PetroFF Earirings @ Cosmopolitan 
PetroFF Armlet @ Cosmopolitan 
Asteria "Bubba" Necklace -Ivory @ Cosmopolitan
Asteria "Bubba"[Maitreya/Belleza] Bustier -Ivory @ Cosmopolitan
Asteria "Bubba"[Maitreya/Belleza] Shorts -Ivory @ Cosmopolitan
*Birth* 3rd Gen 'Willow' Catwa Lipsticks - Matte Set 1 @ Cosmopolitan
=Zenith=Guardian Of The Stars Wings (Cream)  (gacha)
Maitreya Mesh Body
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

TLC Pheasant [M]
Hayabusa Design Walkpath Tunnel Tree Wind Effect
Atelier Visconti. - Aurora Fountain
Atelier Visconti - Broken Ionic Column

Verocity - Marion Pose Set @ Hello Tuesday

Monday, 28 November 2016

Grounded and Bored...

The Draftsman opened on the 20th of November with a wonderful line up of designers - the event is an architecture based event, time travel of a sort as the event moves through varying historic styles each round, including, but not limited to, prehistoric, middle ages, modernism - endless architectural styles.  Not only will there will be builds, and structures, but a wonderful source of decor to suit the theme.    

Stockholm and Lima are at the Draftsman, with the 'Community Table' - this table comes un-tinted, and you are able to colour the various sections of the chair and table, to suit your own decor colour scheme.  Instructions are included on how to do this, and it is really very simple.  Materials are enabled, so give a nice soft metal appearance. There are 3 versions available, the basic has 12 male and female solo sits.  The Dance version has the above animations included, along with 6 pole dances - when you go to dance, the table produces a dance pole.   The Adult version includes all the above, plus 2 additional adult animations in each seat, and also 12 M/f adult animations and 5 F/f adult animations.

BLUE SKY has some amazing decor items for the Draftsman, all in the form of 'Fan Propellers' - there are various shapes, sizes (can be resized to fit your personal tastes), and even has animated versions.  There is an 'Aviation Frame' set, and a beautifully created 'Propeller Coat Rack' ... the colours are all gorgeous and these really are a fabulous talking piece. 

Wasabi Pills has a new release called 'Marisol' at the current round of Uber.  A long hair style, with no bangs.  The hair falls gently down the back and across shoulders - I will feature this hair more closely in an upcoming post.   I

Thank you to Kia, Zai and Curious for being part of the scene... x

Stockholm and Lima - Community Table (Adult Edition) @ Draftsman
[-BLUE SKY-] "Propeller" - Black Checker @ Draftsman
[-BLUE SKY-] "Double Picture Frames - Aviation" @ Draftsman
[-BLUE SKY-] "F4U Fan Propeller - Pin-Up" ANIMATED @ Draftsman
[-BLUE SKY-] "Vintage Propeller" @ Draftsman
[-BLUE SKY-] "Propeller Coat Rack" @ Draftsman
[-BLUE SKY-] "Short Fan Propeller - Black" @ Draftsman
Panavia -Winter Tree "Fagus" @ Draftsman
Sway's [Darret] Stone Fireplace
PATRON Eclectic Consulate Sculptured Rug
DaD DESIGN "Aspen Cabin" @ Shiny Shabby

/Wasabi Pills/ Marisol Mesh Hair @ Uber
Catwa Head - Destiny
IKON Hope Eyes  - Brown
Glam Affair - Barbara Applier ( Catwa  ) Asia 03 RARE (gacha)  @ Kustom 9
#EMPIRE - Sedum (shoes)
Howl - Military uniforms Female[S] BLACK RARE (gacha)
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Casual Hands

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Little Miss Pink...

-You can never go wrong with a little pink...
a lot works too-

Cherry House is at Whimsical which opened on the 18th of November, with the 'Girl in the Study' gacha set.  The set consists of Skybox (rare), Study Chair, paper Basket, Cup with paper, Headset pink and another yellow, Storage Box, Clock and toy duck, Trash Can, Table Lamp, and Study Table.  Looks gorgeous all grouped together making a nice cosy girly nook...

Have Unequal is at Sanarae which opens on the 26th and runs through till the 18th of December with the 'Angelina Dress and Thong'.  Available in 8 colours - White, Black, Pink, Blue, Brick, Brown, Grey and Red, for the Maitreya Lara, and Slink Physique and Hourglass mesh bodies.  Its super cute!

TRUTH HAIR has a new release for the Truth Hair VIP - this hair is an exclusive for VIP members only.  For the first opening month the VIP group join is at a discounted join fee, so do join before that time period ends.  The hair is called Sugar, an elegant upstyle with numerous ways to wear.  There are various attachments to re-style the hair for various looks, including bangs, and short and long whisps that hang down the shoulders (not shown).
Don't forget the Black Friday Sale at Truth Hair, 25th to the 28th of November, 48 styles in the front room of the inworld store,  standard colours are 75L and Fatpack 500L!!

..and I love the Secretary 3 pose by evoLove!!!

[HU] Angelina Dress - Pink @ Sanarae
[HU] Angelina Thong - Pink @ Sanarae
TRUTH HAIR Sugar with Bangs - Variety @ TRUTH VIP EXCLUSIVE
*AvaWay* LILI_Pearl Jewelry Set (pink)
#EMPIRE - Hellebore - Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Destiny (lipstick Catwa hud)
IKON Charm Eyes - Apex
Kaithleen's Fur Boa (old hunt gift)
Maitreya Mesh Body
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
L'Etre - Bella Eyeshadow
L'Etre - Arched Eyebrows
Glam Affair - Barbara Applier ( Catwa  ) Asia 03 RARE @ Kustom9

Cherry house{{C.H}} - Girl in the study (gacha) @.whimsical
floorplan. sparkle wall frame
Soy. Telephone [Ivory]
Grey Tabby Cat Paw Lick - Mesh
Pewpew! Cream Mouse "Standing" (animated)
ARIA - Summer Moved On -  Laptop - Gold (gacha)
[ARIA] Savannah Roman Blinds
(Surge) Decorative Drapes 3

[evoLove] - Secretary 3 

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Shopping Queen...

The following items can be found at this round of Cosmopolitan running from the 21st of November through till the 3rd of December....

The Oak has released a most charming, and elegant dress called 'Luma' - suitable for the Belleza Iris, Maitreya Lara, and Slink Physique bodies.  I am impressed with the colours, they are really a divine choice, with soft, and the more vibrant colours.  I wore this dress, without any glitches what-so-ever ... it was perfect.

EMO-tions has a stunning necklace on offer called 'ADORA' ... I have included the vendor image to show the full details of the necklace.  It looks amazing on, from both front and back views.

no.match has the 'No Toy' hair - there is a version for males and females.

ATHOR has an elegant pair of shoes called 'Endora', that also includes a colour hud with 6 colours.  Suitable for Maitreya Lara, Belleza, and Slink. 

Mesh India have a gacha set called 'Winter Decor' which includes subway (rare), car, bike, dog house, wood log, lantern, trash can, picnic table, mail post, swing, seesaw, and phone booth.  The series of items are delightful and are perfect for your snow/Winter theme's .. all being covered in realistic looking snow.

...and Bee Designs has the 'Winter Landscaping Set' which consists of many varying items, from Rocks, Logs (with snow balls), Snow with lights in two shades, Winter tree's of varying types, and shrubs - 18 items all up.  Fabulous for the Winter decorating or to add a bit of sparkle for Christmas displays.

The Oak - Luma Dress (Maireya Lara) Black @ Cosmopolitan
no.match_ ~ NO_TOY ~ blonde @ Cosmopolitan
[theSkinnery] Honeymoon Lipstick Kit (Catwa Applier) @ Cosmopolitan
(Kunglers) Gaby ring 2 - L - Crystal @ Cosmopolitan
*ATHOR* - Endora Shoes - Black @ Cosmopolitan
.:EMO-tions:. * AADORA * necklace @ Cosmopolitan
Mimikri - Fur Jacket / Alba black_FM_Maitreya
BigBeautifulDoll - Nylon Stockings Short Black - Maitreya
LaGyo_Melissa Fishnet headpiece

.:Bee Designs:.Winter Garden Landscaping Set @ Cosmopolitan
MI Winter Decor Gacha - Phone Booth, SeeSwa, Swing, Trash Bin, Cycle, Subway (Rare) @ Cosmopolitan
Botanical - Edged Brick Park Path
Botanical - Glass Globe Park Lamp
Botanical - Wood Bench Set
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall Kit - Seasonal
ARIA & The Loft - Devon decorative hand bag
{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of doves [sugar white] (gacha)
Trompe Loeil - Wintertime Snow Drift long

Exposeur - Shopping Bags - Pose #3 (gacha)

Thursday, 24 November 2016


-remember our souls are like snowflakes, all different and all beautiful-

Just a quick post, to show the hat version of the Wasabi Pills 'Romy' hair, which is available at the current round of Ultra.  Its gorgeous!  The accessory hud includes a wealth of choices, including the cute faces on the beanie .. and the hair is available in all the usual colour choices.

Full scene details can be seen in previous post, 'here'...extras not previously seen, are listed below.

/Wasabi Pills/ Romy Mesh Hair w/Hat - Blonde @ Ultra Event
Blueberry - Tiffany Jacket - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - BlackDark *New Release
Blueberry - Tiffany Skirt - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - Pleat 1 *New Release
=Zenith=Dolly Platforms (Black) 
Maitreya Mesh Body
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands 
L'Etre Skin Shop - Cheyenne Skin [Cotton Tone]
Ikon - Hope Eyes - Blue

Just Animals - Grey Tabby Cat Paw Lick - Mesh
Apple Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath
[sf] wooden snowman v1 light

. Infiniti . - Snowballs - 3

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hanover Winter Barn Scene...

The Draftsman event has opened its doors for the first time, and hosts an amazing lot of creative Second Life architecture.  Featured is the 'Hanover Barn' created by Galland Homes.  The barn is 100% original mesh, with a land impact of 73 - and measures 12 X 23 - there is also a snow addition as an extra available for those wish to complete Winter scene's.  The barn is rich with gorgeous timbers, and truss work, several sliding barn doors - which can be left open if required, even just one of the doors.   I have included the vendor add, for a closer look at the inside, and wood textures.  Its a beautiful build, with realistic textures - the sky is the limit, and with a little creativity, this could also be turned into an amazing open plan home.  For new releases you can follow Galland Homes on flickr 'here'.

Peaches is also at the Draftsman Event, with a fence building set called 'Woodland Fence'.  There are a series of various fence pieces, and mirror versions, gates, and poses to build to your own specifications.  The wood textures are gorgeous, and pieces are easy to formulate into a build.  

Panavia have the 'Fagus Winter Tree' available at the Draftsman.  It has soft Winter-y foliage, and seriously gorgeous bark textures.  The tree can be resized via the edit menu to adapt to the scene you are building, creating more realism.  

The Draftsman Event opened on the 20th of Novemeber, and is a bi-monthly event, bring you not only an amazing shopping experience, but also ... some amazing architecture creations from various creators around the grid. 

You can follow the Draftsman on flickr 'here'....

Galland Homes Hanover Barn @ Draftsman
Peaches - Woodland Fence @ Draftsman
PANAVIA - Winter Tree 'Fagus' @ Draftsman
Just Animals - Flying Goose - Mesh
Just Animals - Grey Grazing Horse - Mesh
Just Animals - White Horse - Mesh 
JIAN :: Winter Sled (Rez)
Soy. Windmill [Rused Metal] for big size
Pixel Mode - Fall Harvest - Wagon Wheels (gacha)
hive // broken farmer's market sign (gacha)
*ionic* Logs for the long winter (gacha)
Botanical - Marram Grass 
Botanical - Heavy Loose Hay Groundcover
Botanical - Hay Bales
Skye Studio - Twisted Tree
Skye Studio - Wild Grass Type 6 brown
Skye Studio - Silver Birch from Studio Skye
~*SR*~ 4 Season Long Grass 
Trompe Loeil - Wintertime Snow Drifts
39 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Farm Cart (gacha)
3D Trees - winter weeping willow 
Architect Design - Winter bush

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Going home...

Cosmopolitan for this round runs from the 21st of November through to the 3rd of December.  Hello Tuedsay is 22nd of November.  Below are some fabulous buys for both ...

The Little Branch have a wonderful Hello Tuesday special for you this round, with the 'LondonPlane' Tree. 

Culco has released a fantastic gacha set called 'Last Stop' - set includes Station (rare), Electric Post, Track, Buffer Stop, Stop Sign, Tram, Model Tram (not featured).  

Chica Chica  has the 'Alex' shoe, available in 7 glorious colours, suitable for the Belleza, Slink and Maitreya feet.  Very classy as always.

The Skinnery have a beautiful, rich lipstick set called 'Honeymoon' - featured is #5, with the most glorious gloss.

LAKSHMI has the 'Laine' dress packs available, each pack consists of 3 colours, with a hud for personal customisation of the belt - also, the option for the belt to be removed, and colour choice of both the belt and the dress.  Suitable for Slink Physique, Hourglass, Maitreya Lara and Belleza - Freya, Isis and Venus.  Certainly a beautiful and stylish dress.

Secrets have a stunning earring set called 'Gypsy' -  available in Black, Silver and Gold - featured is Silver.  Intricate in detail, and look gorgeous on!

Kunglers has two pairs of rings available, both are beautiful .. high detailed and look ever so pretty on....

..and lastly, No Match, has the 'No Escape' in black available for Hello Tuesday - softly pulled back top bun, with tendrils. 

LB_LondonPlane.v1{4Seasons} @ Hello Tuesday
Culco - Last Stop Gasha Set @ Cosmopolitan 
8f8 - unexpected journey - Set
{anc} NO LIMITS // walking dove.A [sugar white]
{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of doves [sugar white]
::KKs:: Un voyage a New York - gift
::KKs:: Un voyage a New York - street bin (gacha)
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Kalopsia - Flying leaves - Dream 
JIAN '15 Holiday Decor :: Wreaths and Garland 
Studio Skye - Wild Grass
Grey Tabby Cat Lying - Mesh

no.match_ ~ NO_ESCAPE ~ Black @ Hello Tuesday
[LAKSHMI]Laine Dress/Color Pack 6 @ Cosmopolitan
:::ChicChica::: Alex - Silver @ Cosmopolitan
(Kunglers) Gaby rings -Crystal @ Cosmopolitan 
-SECRETS- Gipsy Earring - Silver @ Cosmopolitan
[theSkinnery] Honeymoon Lipstick Kit (Catwa Applier) #3 @ Cosmopolitan
<Southpaw> Pearl Choker & Long Pearls
IKON Charm Eyes - Apex
Maitreya Mesh Body 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
L'Etre - BabyHair Hairbase - Black

Double Take - Slient Grace #5
(appears to be no longer in-world)

Monday, 21 November 2016

The Aspen Cabin Scene....

DaD DESIGN at is Shiny Shabby with the 'Aspen Cabin', which consists of an open plan, spacious living area, bedroom and bathroom.  The Footage is 25.8 X 12.9 with a land impact of 44.  Also, sold separately is a snow add on, which I have featured.  Land impact for snow add on is 23.  There is a button close to the main doorway which is accessed through touch, and changes the window texture - snow or general.  Inside, hosts beautiful wood and rock textures which look stunning, in a rich warm wood.  Certainly a beautiful build.

The Little Branch is at Ultra this round with the delightful 'MapleWood' tree's - 4 seasons in touch menu, with a delightful arrangement of foliage, in two varying shapes.  Also, at Shiny Shabby, The Little Branch have the 'RedBradFord' tree, which has the most delicate leaves and looks stunning in large or a smaller size.  I added in some lights to add to the scene, and these are perfect for tree decorating for Christmas, or in general to add a bit of pizazz to your land, or scene. 

DaD DESIGN "Aspen Cabin with snow add on @ Shiny Shabby
LB_RedBradFord{Seasons} @ Shiny Shabby
LB_MapleWood.v1 and v 2{Seasons} @ Ultra
.:Bee Designs:. Winter  Rock Bench @ Tres Chic Venue
Botanical - Edged Brick Park Path v2
Botanical - T2C Stacked Firewood
Botanical - Pedestal Lamp
Botanical - Decorative Light Set 
Botanical - Seasonal Campfire v2
Anachron - Snowman Gacha - Frosty (gacha)
Studio Skye - Twisted Tree ( no base )
Studio Skye -The Willow Pond
{what next} Silver Alpbach Tree Lantern (snowy) - small
Trompe Loeil - Wintertime Snow Drift Pack
-Garden- by anc "silence" spider lily {PASTEL/white}
flying birds white 3