Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Autumn is a 2nd spring, where every leaf is a flower 
- Albert Camus-

*AvaWay* have a beautiful Autumn type set released for Cosmopolitan, which has now ended.   You can now find this set inworld store 'here'.  It features beautiful leaves, which the veins are the metal texture and the colour inside can be changed through the hud included.  You can see a close up of the set 'here'.  

Little Branch are at Shiny Shabby, with the 'Magrove Tree' - this tree has an amazing root system connected, very similar to what you would find in Mangroves in RL.  I have sunk the trees into the ground, and used as beautiful tree's instead .. they look amazing with their foliage and of course, have the four seasons in touch menu.  

Aphrodite's 'Cozy Fall Shelter' is out now for the new season - the set comes in a rez box, and has so many delightful items includes - candles, wall art, a beautiful ornament glass dome with scene, table, vines, pot plants, bird cage, pumpkins, and little chipmunks sleeping and to complete, a comfy chair. Ample animations and poses, and a beautiful build.

...and Glamrus have a gorgeous series of poses called 'Lea' (includes bubble-gum prop not featured).  9 poses all varying stances, all super cute poses.

Petite Mort- Cocoa Sand-wash silk capri @ Coming soon
Petite Mort- Cocoa Tie-dye halter top @ Coming soon
*AvaWay* IREN_Jewelry Set @ Cosmopolitan
[monso] My Hair - Sohyun /Brown @ Kustom 9
IKON Hope Eyes - Brown
Lara Hurley- Laura Rose Pale appliers *Catwa Annie*
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Casual Hands

Aphrodite - Cozy Fall Shelter
LB_MangroveTree.v1{Seasons} @ Shiny Shabby
xin. shiki husky (baby it's cold outside) (gacha)
Apple Fall Cranfield Fence 
Apple Fall Whitehall Pathway (Straight, Medium)
*alirium* DwarfForest [Ember]
*alirium* ItchyGrass [Brown]
dust bunny & tenshi . pumpkin wagon (gacha)
dust bunny & tenshi . pumpkin stack (gacha)
dust bunny & tenshi . pumpkin scale (gacha)
TLG - Scarecrow Sam

Glamrus . Lea 01 

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Night falls...

DaD Design is at Shiny Shabby which opened on the 20th of Sept, and runs through till the 15th of October with a gorgeous 'Wrought Iron Vintage Bed'  The bed is available in PG and Adult versions and has a great texture change within the menu via touch - colours include, white, gray, dark grey and black).  PG version includes 17 single, and 19 couple animations.  Adult is 17 single, 19 couple and 41 Couple sex animations. 

.: fiore :. Mesh Head - Precious (updated)
ItGirls - FIORE Skin Applier - Isabeli Pale (updated)
LUXE. Chain Choker Silver
+elua+ Oceana_Darkbrown 
Blueberry - Larissa - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - Fat Pack
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Casual Hands
IKON Hope Eyes - Blue

Body- TMP
Skin-  L'Etre Homme- Dave Skin (Golden tone)
Eyes- IKON Odyssey- Oxidation
Head- Catwa Johnson
Hair-  taketomi Shin DarkBrowns
Tattoo- AR2 Style Faith Tattoo
Cold Ash - Logan Shirt  
Cold Ash Denim Jeans- Nevada Straight Fit 
:::ChicChica::: His lock ring (gacha)

DaD DESIGN "Wrought Iron Vintage Bed" @ Shiny Shabby
:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha / {5} (gacha)
:HAIKEI: Gray wall pence house gacha {3} (gacha)
:HAIKEI: Life is noise_gacha RARE (skybox) (gacha)
[Brixley] wings chalkboard
tarte. star string lights
[Toiz] camera deco (gift)
{YD} Homemade Wedding - Roses Jug @ Lost and Found
O.M.E.N . Sleepy Bengal . In Bed - Gray @ C88
:CP: Dream Floating Lights
Apple Fall Design Books
Apple Fall Nauticus Shell Vessel (Summerfest Gift)
Apt B // All wired up - Bench (gacha)
Apt B // Retro Blues - Plant (gacha)
Apt B // All wired up - Chair (gacha)
Apt B // Vintage Corner - Cabinet (gacha)
[PM]Pixel Mode - White Bath Mat
Pixel Mode - The Nook - Floor Pillows (gacha) @ Arcade (modified)
Pixel Mode - The Nook - Jewelry Box (gacha) @ Arcade
BAZAR - Stockholm-Sneakers decor (female)
05 Fancy Decor: Ramses Rug @ Arcade
NOMAD // Bright Headed Mannequin D
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
floorplan. the boudoir wire @ The Forest
junk. potted tree.
Meadow Works - Black Swan (a) Cast Lead (gacha)
BUENO- ThrownDress /Shoes -Black (gacha)
-David Heather-Goldstone Bag/Black (gacha)

oOo Cinema Romance @ The Liaison Collaborative

Saturday, 24 September 2016

A storm is coming...

The Little Branch are at On9 this month with a goregous 'Cherry Tree' - amazing realistic foliage and re-sizeable through the edit menu.  These look beautiful grouped together, in various sizes .... don't forget to call over to the new sim 'here' and see first hand the beautiful scenery ...

LB_Cherry Tree @ On9
LB_Bouton d'or Pink{Field}
{anc} shooting star {SUPERNOVA// cosmos}
dust bunny . wanderlust . rope swing (gacha)
Apple Fall Yorkshire Bench
Apple Fall Orsett Single Lantern
Apple Fall Whitehall Pathway (Straight, Long)
Studio Skye - Ancient Wall Set
xin. shiki husky (want to play) (gacha)

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Fit for a princess...

Cherry House are at Shiny Shabby which opened on the 20th of September, with a beautiful gacha set called 'Small Living Room Furniture' - you can view the whole set 'here'.  The set has several colour tones, with numerous decorative pieces which meld to each of the colours.  Please see scene credits for featured items.   

Glamrus have a variety of children's poses at the Ninety-Nine Event, all priced at $99L ... featured is Maxine', whihc consists of 9 varying stands for a child avatar - so cute and adorable!

15.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-Bottles (gacha) @ Shinny Shabby
9.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-carpet-Pink pattern (gacha) @ Shiny Shabby
14.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-Decorative paintings (gacha) @ Shiny Shabby
7.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-coffee table-white (gacha) @ Shiny Shabby
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-9.Hanging type electric-fan lamp-RARE (gacha) @ The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-2.Ceramic dove (gacha) @ The Book of Daniel
[Brixley] daysi dresser - pink
[Brixley] standing mirror
[Brixley] framed poster - unicorn
[ zerkalo ] Hidden Gems - Bird Frame
[ zerkalo ] Hidden Gems - Photo Frame
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party - Lace Garland Horizontal1 (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Aurora's Hideout - Flower Heart
[ zerkalo ] Cozy Corner - Book
[ zerkalo ] Aurora's Hideout - Rug
[ zerkalo ] All White - Canopy
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Treasures - Love Frame (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Rug (gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Grand White Loveseat Roll Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit - Curtain
- Kalopsia - Puddle Duck - White
- Kalopsia - Block - Toys
Kalopsia - Deer Pul Along Toy
- Kalopsia - Bunny Foofoo - Sitting - White
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bearianne BearCann
<:*BoOgErS*:> Jim Mouse Bear (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bathtime Bear (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Snooze Bear (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Ballerina Bear 2 (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Baby Bear (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Sad Panda Blonde (gacha)
.ETHEREAL. Floral Lamp - Gold
.ETHEREAL. Girl SET - White + Gold/Silver @ Crossroads 
.ETHEREAL. Stacked Books
dust bunny . rocking chair (gacha)
!gO! Love my doll 2 - Dun Horse on Wheels RARE (gacha)
ionic : Downtown Cottage {White interior} @ The Forest

Glamrus Kids Maxine Set # 1 @ Ninety-Nine Event

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Outside Serenity....

Zen Creations have a beautiful outdoor bath setting called 'Serenity Tub Set' - available in world 'here' and also on Market Place 'here'.  This set, has an extensive animations menu, which is a 'NO' pose ball system - including 183 couple animations and 30 single.  The set includes, bath tub, shower-head with on and off water touch, wooden arbor, rug, hanging towel on branch rack, wooden plank with candles (across bath), hanging willow decoration, lantern, and a series of 3 jar candles - certainly a beautiful setting which can be decorated to your own tastes, with amazing realistic textures.


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]
JIAN :: Squirrel (Wanderer)
Second Spaces - books - short stack
(fd) Cat - 07 Sitting Down (gacha)
[ keke ] honeysuckle in vase red L (gacha)
[ keke ] honeysuckle in vase orange S (gacha)
{anc} bubbles . field 
Botanical - Firefly Emitter 
Botanical - Beach Boardwalk Slight Curve (no ground)
Heart - Forest Undergrowth - Elephant Ears 1
Heart - Forest Undergrowth - Clover and Daisies - Large

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Clock Loft...

DaD Designs are at Ultra Event this month with a fabulous skybox called "The Clock Loft' - this build also includes an 'Industrial Shelf' which looks amazing on any of the walls throughout the skybox.  The windows feature 7 scene's of New York City, with a simple click of a switch to change.  Open living, with ample space - size being 30.3 X 26.4 and includes an outside privacy cube.  

June Fallon - a beautiful set of pumpkins for Autumn decorating ... set includes linked versions, as well as single.  These are mod and can be resized to suit decor needs.  The colour choice is perfect, and they have a lovely 'glow' about each ....

Up on the 'Industrial Shelf' are the super cute 'Owler Book Ends' created by Unkindness for The Book of Daniel.  Hope to feature these lovely items sometime in the near future. 

DaD DESIGN "The Clock - Loft -skybox" @ Ultra
::JF:: Glass pumpkins - Linked Set
uK - Book End Owler Left and Right @ The Book of Daniel
Bazar - Toronto-Wire chair (with pillow), Coffee Table, Living Room Lamp
Bazar - Crete-Potted wall tree left and right
Bazar - Toronto-Leather pouf, Mail box, Rug, Sofa's, Throw Pillow Basket, 
Bazar - Forest - Wine botttles, Flower Pot & Candles
Bazar - Crete-Succulents, Stool
Bazar - Toronto Books and Plate Decor, Books, Chandelier and Drawer
Noop's "I'm Into You" standing lighted sign (no information)
Apt B // Retro Blues - Rug (gacha)
Apt B // Books (gacha)
Birdy. Shabby Cats - Poseables Pack Sit and Lay -Brown (exclusive gift Epiphany) 
Foxes - Travelling Heart - Whippet - Standing - Snow (gacha)
Kalopsia - Daisy's Bagpack - Dots (gacha) @ The Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - Guitar M
:HAIKEI: Gray wall pence house gacha {3}
:HAIKEI: Gray wall pence house gacha {5}
Pixel Mode - The Nook - End Table (gacha) @ Arcade
Scarlet Creative The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Telephone MT (gacha)
Toro. Indoor Plant
Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden - Potted Plant - B, L, I, K, A, G, C, D, M, and H (gacha) @ Arcade
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
{anc} miniature. angel {M} white (gacha)
Second Spaces - Books Spread Out, and 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

As the sun sets...

Today, I am featuring the beautiful 'Sincere' pose by Glamrus... Glamrus do some amazing poses for couples, all forms and genre's possible from the 'lover' to the 'break up' ... PG and Adult - Also, there is a massive variety of poses for children, they are all so adorable.  

Blueberry - Jimena - Denim D. Blue *New Release*
Addams // Rebecca BodySuit // FATPACK *Sept Gift*
LeLutka Mesh Head-KARIN
Lara Hurley-Cindy Rose Pale *LeLutka Appliers*
Lamb. Prove It - Fatpack (Luxe Box June)
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Casual Hands
IKON Hope Eyes - Blue

 TMP - Mesh Body
Skin-  L'Etre Homme- Dave Skin (Golden tone)
Eyes- IKON Odyssey- Oxidation
Head- Catwa Johnson
Hair-  taketomi Shin DarkBrowns
Tattoo- AR2 Style Faith Tattoo
Cold Ash -Shoe-  Jericho Desert
Cold Ash - Jacket- FitMESH v2 Solo Easton (Dust) Cold Ash
Cold Ash - Denim- Nevada Straight Fit Cold Ash

Apple Fall Yorkshire Bench 
*alirium* DwarfForest [LightGreen]

Glamrus . Sincerely

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Elf-ing about...

Aphrodite has an amazing new set in store, called 'Autumn Tea Set' - it would be good for the use in many scene's, and settings ... including Halloween which is just around the corner!  The set includes various Autumn tree's - each has a wind effect and the leaves and branches move and sway, and drop Autumn leaves.  This aspect alone looks totally amazing.  There is also the table and chairs, in the shape of leaves, with a beautiful rich wood texture, complete with poses. Also, apple lanterns which light up and look amazing in various windlights and the adorable tea cups, on a quaint tray, along with a gorgeous candle to complete. 

The Forest this month had some amazing creations .... a few I am wearing, the ' *LODE" Forest Breath hair accessory and the'Kyla' hair by Pr!tty. 

...and don't forget to pop on over and support The Book of Daniel (you can read about the 'cause' HERE in my previous post.... the beautiful necklace and bracelet featured is created by Bauhaus  Movement .  Fat pack is available and the colours are 'magical'..


Bauhaus  Movement - Blair SET // FATPACK @ The Book of Daniel
#EMPIRE - Zenobia @ C88
*LODE* Head Accessory - Forest Breath @ The Forest
pr!tty - Kyla - [Blonde] @ The Forest
(Store currently closed for remodeling)
Moon Amore  Elizabeth Dress
IKON Hope Eyes - Blue
Lumae :: Eirtae - T3 - Shell - Bluebell 
!Lumae :: Leevi Ears - Long // T3 - Shell
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Casual Hands

Aphrodite Shop - Autumn Tea Set *NEW*
+Half-Deer+ Solstice Dragon - Emberwing (gacha)
E.V.E Waving Bioluminescent Fungus White (10x10)
E.V.E Dancing Stars Galaxy White
TLG - Wolfmother Tree
TLG - Dream Fields round
ANE Wonderland Mushrooms (gacha)

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Summer Sun...

Cherry House are at the current round of The Chapter Four, with a stunning 'Pavilion' - looks amazing out over the water, though could be easily used in a garden setting.  Spacious enough for a outdoor setting, bbq, and other decorating items .... measures 7.9 X 3.7 X 0.35. 

Petite Mort have this gorgeous 'Free Spirit' outfit as a group gift this month. The set consists of Top, Shorts and Flipflops - suitable for Classic Avatar, Hourglass, Physique, Maitreya.  The flip flops are for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink.

Nanika has the tattoo 'Luna' at the latest round of On9 - intricate in detail as always (really love the detail), available in Henna, White and Black - suitable for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and the Classic avatar. 

*AvaWay* have a really precious necklace called 'The Book of Life' available at The Book of Daniel.  Includes hud to change metal colours and resize. Beautifully created...

 Elysium at at Cosmopolitan this round, with the 'Ilona Sunglasses' ...lots of colours and a fabulous hud to colour change and resize!!

 Featured is a favourite hair of mine by Truth Hair called 'Neria' - its an older one, but always looks amazing regardless of the fashion worn..... and Alora, is wearing Kera, a 'gacha' hair, which can be found in the inworld store.

In my scene, I have used The Little Branches 'Beach Palms', 'Beach Sand' and the 'Bananas'  available inworld store 'here' - also the 'Snakeweed' which is available at the latest Fameshed.  

Also, have used some of TLC's birds, the 'Fly and Standing Seagulls' and the 'Animated Pelican'...

...and a beautiful pose from Glamrus, this pose is for 3 people, but I have adapted the pose through adjust and made it for 'two'.  This pose is available for Buy Now on Market Place 'HERE'...


Petite Mort- Free Spirit  top & shorts (Group Gift)
Petite Mort- Navajo flipflops (Group Gift)
.::Nanika::. Luna tattoo @ On9
*AvaWay* THE BOOK OF LIFE_Necklace @ The Book of Daniel
ELYSIUM - Ilona sunglasses - FATPACK @ Cosmopolitan
TRUTH HAIR Neria -  variety 
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Casual Hands
Lumae :: Eirtae - T4 - Fawn // Bare
~Misha Jesuil~ Belly Ring Heart for Maitreya Lara

01 Genesis_Head_Nina_2.0 RARE
IKON Promise Eyes - Fjord
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Casual Mesh Hands
TRUTH HAIR Kera [Browns] (Gacha)
EarthStones Aculo Earrings & Necklace (Group Gift)
~Misha Jesuil~ Belly Ring for Maitreya Lara
Petite Mort- Free Spirit  top & shorts (Group Gift)
Petite Mort- Navajo flipflops (Group Gift)

Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Bloger Pake-Rectangular Pavilion @ The Chapter 4
LB_Snakeweed{4Seasons} @ Fameshed
{Concept} Hapy Day FAT PACK  PG @ The Book of Daniel
The Annex - Tailgate Party - Team Pennant (gacha)
The Annex - Tailgate Party - Lawn Chair (gacha)
The Annex - Tailgate Party (gacha)
The Annex - Tailgate Party - Drink Cooler (gacha)
The Annex - Tailgate Party - Smoker - GG Prize (SOI from Gacha Garden)
The Annex - Tailgate Party - Open Cooler (gacha)
TLC Seagull - Flying
TLC Seagull - Standing
TLC Pelican Animated

Glamrus . Chickitas 2 @ Buy Now 'Here' on MP

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel Event has opened, a special event to raise funds for one of Second Life's creators as he struggles through cancer.  My thoughts are with him, his wife and family at this hard time in life ... lets hope we can raise some much needed funds to help him through his journey.  You can read about the event 'HERE'.  Creators from across the grid have got together, created up a storm and are donating the proceeds of their goods, to Daniel.  Please call over and support...

I have used a variety of items from 'The Book of Daniel' - Cherry House has a beautiful gatcha set, including some oh so cute items for decorating the home.  I hope to feature this set fully sometime shortly.
 Dad Design has created an amazing 'Book Set' which consists of a unique chair and side table, made using books.
Akeruka has a beautiful mesh head called 'Alora' available, which includes appliers for Maitreya, Slink, Omega, TMP and Belleza - it is certainly an adorable head.  
Bauhaus Movement has the beautiful and elegant 'Blair Set', which consists of necklace and matching bracelet.  Available in single colour, or fat pack.
Entwined has the pretty hair called 'Dani' - super nice!!
Di'Cor has the 'Charles Lounge Chair and Industrial Table' - available in varying colours and the lounge has many poses.
Cute Poison has the 'Dream Jar' - a jar full of dreams ... it sparkles and looks magical on the mantle.
An'Lar Poses has 'The Vanessa Series' of poses ... great selection and featured is pose #9.
Spell has 'Healing Crystals' in a bowl.
Apple Fall has created up a storm with the 'Fig and Blackberry Cake' and some 'Confetti Balloons'.
Black Bantam, an adorable monkey pet...
Ariskea, a 'Special Collection' including a table with a beautiful poem in a frame (I modified and hung on wall) .. and some lovely plants.
(all credits are listed below)

 Petite Mort is at the Whore Couture 'Back to School Event' with the Lexi Lace Up Dress - available in 6 colours, and suitable for the Classic, Freya, Isis, Venus, Physique Avatars.  I am wearing the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, with the Physique dress, and need to only apply the alpha in the butt area.  I just adore this dress, it is just stunning and the textures .... amazing!!!


.Entwined. Dani - Naturals @ The Book of Daniel
[AK] Aurora Mesh Head Vers. 1.3 @ The Book of Daniel
Bauhaus  Movement - Blair SET // FATPACK @ The Book of Daniel
:. D-Style - Boho Hair Flower Deco w.HUD 
Petite Mort- Black Lexi lace up dress  @ Whore Couture - Back to School Event
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Slink Casual Hands
IKON Hope Eyes - Blue

DaD DESIGN "The Book Set" PG @ The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-5.ceiling lamp Golden (gacha) @ The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-7.Vase with branches (gacha) @ The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-1.The dove decorative frame (altered colour) (gacha) @ The Book of Daniel
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-2.Ceramic dove (gacha) @ The Book of Daniel
Di'Cor Charles Industrial Table @ The Book of Daniel
Di'Cor Carson Leather Chair [Brown] @ The Book of Daniel
Cute Poison - Dream Jar B-G Shimmer @ The Book of Daniel
an lar poses - The Vanessa Series (#9) @ The Book of Daniel
SPELL : Healing Crystals {gold} @ The Book of Daniel
Ariskea[Hope] Special Collections @ The Book of Daniel
Apple Fall Musquee de Provence Pumpkins @ The Liaison Collaborative
Apple Fall Georgian Gothic Fireplace @ The Liaison Collaborative
Apple Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath @ The Liaison Collaborative
Apple Fall Gourds in Vintage Bowl @ Fameshed
Apple Fall Milton Curtains @ Fameshed
Apple Fall Fig & Blackberry Cake @ The Book of Daniel
Apple Fall Confetti Balloon (Silver and Gold) @ The Book of Daniel
Apple Fall Confetti Balloon (Pink and Gold) @ The Book of Daniel
[Black Bantam] Little Baby Tree Monkey @ The Book of Daniel
hive // the airy skybox @ Fameshed
Mutresse-Wiggling-Witty Cats (gacha)
Pewpew! Black Mouse "Standing" (animated) (gacha)
Pewpew! Brown Mouse "Playful" (animated) (gacha)
-David Heather-Cameo Bag/Decor/Sienna (gacha)
[CIRCA] - "Dreamer Light Art" - Star Chandelier - Gold
floorplan. arched window @ Collabor88
5 L+R Rabbit's Bride fuwafuwa rug (gacha)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bear Michael (gacha)
*MC* Last Summer Days / Flowers in a bottle #17 (gacha)
09 Fancy Decor: Gold Dots Pillow (gacha)
SAYO - Ocean Oasis Gacha - Flamingos (gacha)
.ETHEREAL. Stacked Books
.ETHEREAL. Vintage Globe - Gold
.ETHEREAL. Floral Lamp - Gold
BAZAR - Forest - Flower pot
DRD stack of suitcases

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Romance Bedroom Setting...

Zen Creations has the 'Romance Bed Set' released - you can find this set on market place 'here' or inworld 'here'.  Sweet, romantic elegance with an amazing colour hud which you can view 'here' - the selection is amazing, and you can change every single component of this whole set to suit your home decor.  The pose system is a no pose ball system, with a massive adult menu, including general poses too and single sits.   This set consists of bed, chair, pouf table with blanket, drapes, balloon curtains, can of roses and candle sticks. 

The room itself is from the DaD Design 'White Plains Plantation' house at the current round of Fameshed - you can view the details in my previous post 'here'.  

..and I found some cute little accessories from the latest round of Arcade...


Zen Creations - Romance Bed Set (Adult Menu)
Zen Creations - Home Deco (touch to resize, touch lights to turn on/off)
DaD DESIGN "White Plains Plantation" House @ Fameshed
tarte. floor cushion (tweed) (gacha) @ Arcade
tarte. round table (white washed) (gacha) @ Arcade
tarte. lighted terrarium (gold) @ Arcade
tarte. vine lights (gold) (gacha) @ Arcade
hive // her own fairytale room divider [white] (gacha)
hive // her own fairytale sign [white] (gacha)
NOMAD // Scattered Stars 03 (Gift)
13.erratic / lsm - long stemmed rose - red (gacha)
18.erratic / lsm - clothing clutter - woman (gacha)
-David Heather-Royal Jewelry Box @ Arcade
[ keke ] look at me glitter pendant light - moon @ Uber
[ keke ] fall roses 1 (gacha) @ The Chapter 4
{anc} miniature/H. angel {M} mist (gacha) @ Arcade
{anc} Hatsuyume / white peacock (gacha)
-tres blah-  Hodgepodge - Stacked Magazines (gacha)
Birdy - Boudoir - Rug White (gacha) @ Arcade
Foxes - Travelling Heart - Whippet - Standing - Snow (gacha)
Foxes - Travelling Heart - Whippet - Sitting - Snow (gacha)
:CP: Dream Floating Lights
+Half-Deer+ Crystal Romance Garland - String - White
+Half-Deer+ Crystal Romance Garland - Main - White
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bear Anna
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bear Edith (gacha)
Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books (gacha)

Friday, 9 September 2016

Beach Camping...

The Little Branch is at the current round of The Chapter 4, with a gorgeous set including the new Snakeweed - available in 4 seasons, and the Tropical Snow and Tropical Snow Pink.  These look amazing in any garden setting, but also as part of a tropical beach.  Also featured is a range of other varying tropical plants/tree's which are now available in the *new*  Little Branch inworld store 'here'. 

Heart Homes has an amazing 'Beach Couple Chair' set released.  This set consists of 2 chairs, and a table with tray, fancy serviette, and bottle of wine with 2 glasses, and some cute shells for the sand and some tiki torches.!  Poses include solo and us .. with a huge variety to chose from.  I adore the sea blue colour, with the cushions .. really beautifully crafted pieces.

 Glamrus have a gorgeous pose out called 'Amigos'  - this pose is for 3 avatars, the male is meant to be in the middle, but as with all Glamrus poses, you can adjust to suit your own personal tastes.  You do not need to use the 3 avatars - actually, this gives the pose a lot more use, as one can create a vast many scene's with the one 'pose' ....

TLC have moved locations and its worthy of a visit to see all the amazing creations.  I have featured the seagulls which are from the 'Seagulls Shack' set - however, they can be purchased on their own.  The birds are animated and the flying versions 'fly' .. they look so realistic .. one of my favourite items from TLC ... their birds!

...and Truth Hair has a new release called 'Isolde', its just gorgeous, with a swept back ponytail.


TRUTH HAIR Isolde *New Instore*
*Just BECAUSE* Olivia Bikini - White @ Fameshed
LeLutka Mesh Head-KARIN
Cae :: Sea Star :: Collection (Midnight Mania)
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Ikon Hope Eyes - Blue
Slink Casual Hands

**RE** Surya Swimsuit - Blue - Common (gacha)
/Wasabi Pills/ Jody Mesh Hair- Blondes @ The Chapter 4
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
01 Genesis_Head_Nina_2.0 RARE (gacha)
IKON - Promise Eyes - Fjord
Misha J - Belly Ring
EarthStones Triple Tear Necklace Turquoise - Gift

LB_tropicalsnow*Pink @ The Chapter 4
LB_TropicalSnow @ The Chapter 4
LB_Snakeweed{4Seasons} @ The Chapter 4
Heart Homes - Beach Couple Chair Set 
TLC Seagull - Standing  
TLC Seagull - Flying 
Skye Studio - Beach Sign 6
Botanical - Beach Boardwalk Curve Side 
Second Spaces - beach day - pale skin
Ariskea [ Porcelain]  Beach Calm tent (gacha)
JIAN Lively Labs :: White Companion Pup (gacha) @ Arcade

Glamrus . Amigos